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Chico Stage Race 2013

Team Etna Brew really likes the Chico Stage Race…. the great spring weather always brings out the best in town and this year didn’t disappoint….

This year Anthony Smith, Shaun Locker, Bob Grover. and the Russian Bear headed down for battle…. Everybody made it out alive, with the best results coming from big man Anthony who just missed out on winning the downtown crit. for the second year in a row in the mstr. 35+4/5…. So close.  Along with a solid 10th in the RR and 7th in the TT using Locker’s Cervelo TT bike, (his 1st time on a real TT bike) Anthony end up 8th overall on the GC… way to go Professor…. Want to see his crit from a gopro check it out…. notice how he never slips back further than about 5th place….now that’s the way to do it….



Cross Crazy

crosscrusade (14)


BOB! Where’s my freakin’ saddle?

Team Etna Brew / DeSalvo Cycles has been tearing up the OR. cross scene the past  few weeks with no end in sight for the winning ways of Rebeccah (con carne) Bieri who has just won the woman’s B race today at Cross Crusade #7 at Barton Park….At  the Bend races last weekend, on Sat. Rebeccah worked her way up to 4th place before busting a seat post…..Unwilling to abandon, she hung on for 13th…..then, on Sunday’s costume fest. she fought he way up to 2nd place before getting nipped at the end to finish a solid 3rd…. Meanwhile Michael Vose came 10th in the Mstr.35+a’s and Dave Reitz rode to a solid 13th in men’s B’s. on Sat. followed up by a sick podium 3rd on Sun. Way to go Dave…. and finaly, Reny’s dad Jeff was 11th and 10th in 50+ and 2 yr.old Reason Townsend did his first cross race enduring a crash but still finishing……Way to go Team Brew…Stay tuned for more…..

crosscrusade (18)


crosscrusade (9)

Dirty Girl

crosscrusade (52)

crosscrusade (50)

2nd & 3rd Place

crosscrusade (43)

White Trash!!!

crosscrusade (27)


Whiskeytown XC & 9 to 5

The past two weekends, Team Etna Brew decided to do a little late season MTB racing at Whiskeytown Nat. Rec.area at a xc race followed the next weekend with a 8 hour 9 to 5 on the same demanding course only backwards…at the xc, Bob, Jeff Townsend (Reny’s Dad), and Bear won their races, Anthony came 2nd and Locker broke his chain and ran the 8.5 mi 1200 ft. vert. parcours…At the 8 hr… Bob and Locker came in together 1st & 2nd in 40+ and 2nd / 3rd overall…nice… they did 8 laps 72 mi…8 hrs….whoa….. and equally as impressive was the dominating performance by Rebeccha “con carne”…..cranked out 7 laps easily won the women’s overall….teased some kids before dropping them hard….(love her style) and basically kicked ass on a tough course…. I had lots of fun during the 6 laps I completed at the Whiskeytown 9 to 5… We’ll be back….



Lot’s of bling at Whiskeytown XC



Castello di Rupi xx epic

It’s that time of year when team Etna Brew / DeSalvo likes to venture out to do some “xx epics”… In the past couple of weeks, we have found a new loop worthy of “xx epic” status… The Castle Crags or Castello di Rupi …because for a few minutes you feel as if you’re in the Dolomites…. pictures are from both rides with the 2nd one being Spencer’s final XX epic before moving to Boulder in order to scout out new epics for when we come visit….Spencer and Locker added an extra 5700 ft vert. in the 1st 27 miles and ended up with 110 mi w/ 13 thousand million ft. of climbing…. Till the next “xx epic” ……. ciao


Rebeccah “con carne” Bieri









Belarusian Bear

8 Hours of Cecilville

Saturday Feb. 26th four Etna Brew riders completed the 8 hrs. of Cecilville training session… Mike Hylinsky, Shaun Locker, Rebeccah Bieri, and I did not take the time for lunch…Instead, we decided to maximize our ski time, racking up a total of 5400 ft. of vert.  Conditions were epic to say the least…18 inches fresh blower…and super cold 18-20 degrees..Here’s some pics….








HTC Appreciates

Ally is turning heads at the 2011 NZCT Women’s Tour of NZ, both within the peloton and her new HTC team.  Judith Arndt won the jersey the first stage through great teamwork and the team was set to protect it over the next 3 days of racing.

From the HTC website coverage:

After Stage 2:

“Chloe Hosking and Ally Stacher did a great job protecting Judith, covering the breaks controlling the group,” says Sports Director Ronny Lauke. “Ina, Amber [Neben] and Amanda [Miller] took over toward the end and sent Judith into the break with plenty of strength left for the last 20km.”

“For me it wasn’t that hard until the last 20km,” says Judith, “The team did all the work for me, and I had a really nice time in the group.

“Ally and Chloe spent close to the entire stage riding in the front, keeping me in a good position.”

After Stage 3:

“It feels good to win my first race,” said Teutenberg. “It’s always tricky to know if you’re fast enough at the beginning of the season.”

Most of the day was controlled by Arndt and Teutenberg’s teammates Ally Stacher, Amber Neben and Amanda Miller as they worked to defend Arndt’s overall lead.

“There weren’t any big climbs,” explained Teutenberg, “Mostly rolling hills, ups and downs, but the wind came right at the end and made it a bit tricky.”

“The girls kept it under control again. There was a small break for about half the race but they were able to keep it all together. Then Judith and Chloe did a great job of the leadout, especially into the strong headwind.”

After the final Stage:

February 25, 2011

Team HTC-Highroad was able to defend the lead of Judith Arndt throughout a challenging final stage of Tour of New Zealand and claim the overall race victory for their second tour victory this season.

“Today was quite hard for my teammates,” said Arndt. “With so many attacks and breakaways it was difficult to keep control.”

“They worked hard to bring back breaks and keep other breaks down to within a minute. It was a tough job today because we weren’t getting a lot of time gaps.”

The course was the same as two days prior but in the opposite direction, beginning with a big climb followed by rolling hills to the finish.

“The race started with several attacks from our main GC competitors as expected,” said sport director Ronny Lauke, “but the girls did a good job countering and we sent Amber in a three rider break which gained up to a minute. The Kiwis were forced to chase and finally brought it back.”

“Several more attacks followed and we were always present until we finally let a group of non-GC riders get up to one minute to assure that the bonuses would be taken away at the finish.”

“The girls kept everything under control and managed to celebrate a well deserved overall win. It was a display of true teamwork as each of the girls contributed to the victory.”

A quick scan of the stage photos on CyclingNews and you’ll see a motivated Ally all over the front of the peloton.  Read the race coverage from Day 1 and you’ll read about the teamwork that set Judith up and Ally recalling the stage as the only rider quoted in the story.

She is also rambling on her personal website now and offers an “Ally” perspective from inside the peloton.

This is a long way from Kings Valley…

Ally Pics in Cycle Sport Mag

A quick note to any interested… I was looking at the March Issue of “Cycle Sport America” magazine when I came across an article about an early HTC training camp taking place in California. There are roughly 3 or 4 pics of Ally (Stacher) and teammates included… One half page layout showing Ally leading out HTC’s big names such as “Tony Martin” along with New Zealand Champ “Hayden Roulston”, German Women’s Champ “Charlotte Becker” and last but not least “Danny Pate” (Page 59)… Some other good pics in the article as well. Pick up a copy and check it out if interested. There is no telling how far Ally will go in her career… She seems to be rising to the top of our sport very fast! I’ve only had the chance to ride with Ally once at a team training ride (preview of stage 1) day before the start of the 07′ Elkhorn SR (a race she won)…I remember thinking how strong she was and that she never even seemed to hit the red. Keep up the good work Ally! I have no doubt you will only continue to impress…

SRL in January

It’s not very often that you get to do the SRL in January…..It’s also not very often that you do the SRL without some sort of drama…..Friday the 28th was no exception as Shaun, new team member John Rickard, and the Belarusian concussion set off for whatever awaited on the other side of the mountains…. But first, John was informed that his 39 x 21 was not enough gear and last minute changes were made after I located an old shimano 9 speed 12 x 27 casette…. Late in the ride, on some 14% section, John started laughing out loud….I asked what was so funny, he said he was thinking about the cruelty that the 21 would have inflicted…



Other pre-ride preparation included Locker’s Contador approved natural blood booster….the ingredients are top secret


The first major drama was on the descent of the the Col de Cecillville…. shaded areas on the road made it hard to spot rocks….Locker had some pretty dark glasses on, making it even harder to see…. well, he didn’t see one grapefruit size rock, and let me tell you, the sound it made when he smacked it with his carbon clinchers was downright crazy….Amazingly, Shaun road the wheel all the way back down to Callahan on the rim!!! Even more amazing was the the smile on Shaun’s face right after ruining a set of Reynolds wheels….WTF?? Guy must listen to Ekhart Tolle or something….



Why so happy???


Two tough guys heading up the Col de Cecillville


Late into the ride, just before the wall, John pulled out a double shot to share.


Here I am coming up to the top of Etna summit…


Sun was setting so we only made it down to Etna before it got dark….All in all, a very special day indeed..

Eugene Celebration

Race report still to come, but for now a few photo’s from the prologue starting line.



I started 30 seconds ahead of Spencer and if that’s not motivation to go fast I don’t know what is.


Just waiting to go fast!


Spencer is thinking he’s gonna catch me!